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When the Apostle Paul and those with him were shipwrecked on the island of Melita (Malta, Acts 27-28) and were met by locals deemed barbarous people, undoubtedly feelings of trepidation rose among them as they wondered what would happen next. The snake bite Paul received seemed a bad omen to everyone but the missionary apostle whose faith in God was unwavering. He knew the Lord would do as He had promised and nothing would prevent it. Whatever misgivings there might have been among the castaways, their fears must soon have been allayed by the kindness of the islanders. Time spent on that island proved beneficial to all concerned with ministry prospering among the people and at length, an opportunity for the mariners to find another vessel for their onward voyage to Rome. Times change but circumstances often do not. Isolated, windswept places and people with no knowledge of the Lord are eager to hear the gospel when it comes to them. We have found a welcome in each anchorage made and people turning their hearts to Christ in faith as the salvation message is given.